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Could this Game Pack spring Fallout 3 Back?
Yes, Hell yh!
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 Mirrors Edge

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PostSubject: Mirrors Edge   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:19 am

Mirrors Edge
After watching a fair few trailers of this girls mad skills I thought I would get a copy, as you do! I think the game is like a clean hospital ( Hard to find in England) when you get inside you get overwhelmed with rage and start painting the walls red! Which luckily is the dam colour scheme from the game, who on earth thought of that for a city! I can understand if it was a nice dim white and red, with blue glass. But its not, at some points in the game its like looking out my window into the sun for 2 hours, then when you close your eyes you get the image of you falling of a building into a big ball of blood and guts.

The game play is fun, and it is a game with multiple routes which I like, but it does get very repetitive which I'm sure you will all agree. The missions can sometimes be very much the same, and the story is weak, its a typical game story really. Your sister gets taken away you have to save her, but the city has some evil people in it. The mayor is like Hitler, but this mayor spends most the money on people to paint and clean the sky scrapers than training the police not to open fire and little girls who like to run across buildings.

In this city are there no other crimes? It just seems like every police officer is using everything within there power to kill a small girl. They use some really harsh weapons like shotguns, assault rifles and helicopters! If you just asked nicely or maybe hold up a red lolly she would just come in peacefully. On mirrors edge 2 I wouldn't be surprised if they send it jets to air strike the poor girl!

But if we move away from the floors of the game... oh who am I kidding there's nothing much to talk about. I like the fact you can do lots of fancy moves, which you get the hang of more as you play the game. Maybe a online mode would of made the game slightly more enjoyable (the time trial does not count). When you make a game with no REAL online play, make a long story mode! I paid £26 for the game which I think is quite reasonable, its like paying £3 for 1 hour of game play. If this rule applied for all games Call of duty 4 would cost me £576!
The fact that you are dealing with a army of crazed police officers is always fun because they die with a simple slap. If I was going to rate the game out of ten, I would give it 7, you may well be thinking, WHY! Or, Thegaminggod you have just “ripped” the game why did you give it a high score. I gave it a high score because it is fun, and its a new game, by this I mean not many other games have been done in this style. (first person free running, with guns and stuff...!)
If you would like to buy this game, you can, but it would be easier just to play the demo a few times and just say you got the trophies on a another account.
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PostSubject: Re: Mirrors Edge   Thu Jul 09, 2009 6:26 am

Another nice write up dude, yeh i think the game is more of a chanced game.... an experiment from out of the no where. sadly it did not turn out so well lol although it looked good when advertised.
Ohwell i enjoyed the game, i just woudnt of bought it.
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Mirrors Edge
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