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Could this Game Pack spring Fallout 3 Back?
Yes, Hell yh!
 100% [ 4 ]
No, Dont think so.
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 Killzone 2 (ps3)

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PostSubject: Killzone 2 (ps3)   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:06 am

What PS3 needed, its got, big time!

The ps3 system needed a game, a game which you could show your friends who cant afford PS3's and have got Xbox 360's and say, look, look at that! My god the PS3 has the power, the power to make the games of the future, today! And boy have we got it, Killzone 2 is graphically stunning, in every way possible! Killzone 2 certainly ticks that exclusivity box's. It is a PS3 exclusive that won’t be appearing on the Xbox 360 in the foreseeable future, mainly because the Xbox cant handle the sheer power to run it!

This is a great time for this game to be released, because SONY was just slipping from the mouther of all mouther console wars, but boy did it bounce back, my friends cant even grasp the amazingness of this game! Yes i'm even making up words just to describe it. This game puts the XBOX games like Halo and Gears of war behind bars. Very thick black bars which say Playstation 3 on in the Spider man font!

When a developer makes a game, it needs to sell a lot of copies to turn a decent profit – which is more easily attained by making a title that runs on as many consoles as possible. Thats why the PS3 does not get a lot of exclusive games! Because there are more Xbox's the PS3's! Also Xbox spend a lot of money on getting more games. As a result, exclusive games like Killzone 2 – which is not just proprietary to the PS3 but could also require some downsizing for squeezing on to the Xbox – are potentially risky and increasingly rare. If they do downsize it, then its not going to be the Killzone we know and love on the PS3 system. The mains reason why Killzone 2 is so amazing, is that it taking great advantage of the ps3 systems power. Killzone 2 reportedly uses four and a half cores of the six cores in the PS3’s much-admired Cell processor. Although four and a half is still some way from showing the hardware’s full potential, it still represents an important milestone for Sony’s console.

The developers are still trying to get to grips with the jaw dropping power of the Playstation, and we are hoping they will soon. Can you imagine all 6 cores working, well you cant because I thought Killzone 2 would be ps4 graphics, shows how much I know.

But, let’s face it, what the PS3 needed was a game which its owners could show off to their mates. It needed a game that instantly feels fun and familiar. In short, it needed Killzone 2: a fabulous-looking gaming nirvana that feels as familiar as a good old pair of trainers yet still provides plenty of “cor blimey!” moments. They still could add on to the short single player mode, they could even bring out patches which go along the current story line.

Thanks for reading
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Killzone 2 (ps3)
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