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Could this Game Pack spring Fallout 3 Back?
Yes, Hell yh!
 100% [ 4 ]
No, Dont think so.
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Not sure.
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PostSubject: MetalGearSolid4   Wed Jul 08, 2009 7:04 am

Two Games For The Price Of One! (MGS4)

You may well be thinking “oh wow” credit crunch busting prices, finally! Well no, in fact I'm not, mainly because you can't advertise on the forum. So lets get on with the review on a ground braking game!

War has changed. With Solid Snake battling the mysterious advances of massively accelerated aging, and the re-emergence of his nefarious twin brother Liquid Snake (Liquid Ocelot). The battle starts in the Middle East, with the greying hero being called back into action one final time. As Solid progresses with his efforts to stop Liquid from gaining complete control of SOP.

The last paragraph was me trying to sum up the vast storyline in a small, snappy, young, funky way. Its not easy to sum up, mainly because the extent of the cut scenes are so long (some which last up-to 40mins) which would then show that the story is going to be pretty blooming long . Luckily the story in the MGS games is fantastic, and you do get quite attached to the story characters whilst playing through the game. What makes the long cut scenes so bearable is the story, as I said, and the ability to pause ( for a toilet break) and to top that off, how you can interact and get much needed flash backs to jolt your brain, and the outstanding graphics.

Guns of the Patriots is a beautiful game in an aesthetic sense, and it provides a fabulous showcase of the PlayStation's visual and sound quality. Level environments are both varied and stunning to look at. Character animation is good with nice clear detail and realistic movement.

So moving on from the geeky mumbo-jumbo, you may have noticed that my style of righting goes from relaxed and casual, to very serious, this is because I can cram in much more casual funny content rather than having to type tuns of casual righting to get my point across. You may well be thinking, well HennyFarthing, the title is a little misleading, and your just getting ready to give me a massive rollicking (great word) but the title fits very well.

You see, Metal Gear Solid 4 is in fact two games built in to one, with the price of one game. How? Well I will tell you, Metal Gear online. Its a hole new game, its like SOCOM confrontation, but Metal Gear online is good! Unlike SOCOM. I have nothing against SOCOM I'm just not a big fan.

The good thing about Metal Gear Online is the wide range of game modes, and it has a large range of maps, and different ways to customize your gear. But I'm not going to explain this in much depth, mainly because you can all find out for your selves!
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