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Could this Game Pack spring Fallout 3 Back?
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 Will I Ever Complete My To Do List?

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PostSubject: Will I Ever Complete My To Do List?   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:04 am

Will I Ever Complete My To Do List?

I just had a look though my games collection which is ever expanding. I have just realized that a large amount of them I have never completed. I would not be that bothered if the numbers of games I have completed dwarfs over the ones I have, but its not the case. Don't get my wrong I'm not ashamed of it, and I will lay claim in conversation to having played them.

Have you ever heard people say 'I have read the book and seen the movie' there's an implicit assumption that you watched the entire movie or read the book from cover to cover. Well why don't people ever seem to talk about how they have watched the film read the book and played the game, or even just played the game. (as it takes longer to do)

Either way, Games, films and books are just other ways of entertainment. Film's and books seem to be talked about much more, they could be on the news and so on. Games only really get attention on gaming forums like this one, or on the very few gaming tv shows.

So is this why I'm less inclined to play games the whole way though?

It needs mentioning that there's a cultural bias against video games that keeps deep, and it holds back games from being 'socially acceptable.' In a way films and games both tell a story using visual effects, loud noises and dialogue. The only thing books have in common with films would be the fact that they normally get made into films.

I feel that lots of games have great story lines, which I think would make great films. Like Infamous on the Playstation 3. It is filled with interesting plot twists, great character's, and lots of action. If you think about it, thats what films are these days. Games can be a deep in story lines the same as films and books , I may sounds a bit stupid here, but at the end of Call Of Duty 4 when your hole team dies, you did feel some empathy towards Soap.

Is it that Games take much longer to complete than Films?

I honestly think that games should be given much more credit, as the developers take much longer
to make a game, and it makes you feel more in the action than just being a bi-stander.


Fell free to comment.
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Will I Ever Complete My To Do List?
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